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Passion for Helping People - Dr. Michael Civin

March 23, 2019

Dr. Michael Civin

It is so important in life to find a career you can be passionate about. For one to go into a field that they do not care about would be a life wasted. For Dr. Michael Civin, he knew he wanted to help people. From a young age, he felt passionate about helping people and knew that no matter what he chose to do with his life, he wanted to make sure that he was helping those in need. Dr. Michael Civin discovered the field of psychology and found that this was a field that was aimed entirely at helping people to better themselves and the relationships around them.

The success of an individual in the field of psychology is not always centered on helping people as there are many different avenues within this field that one can pursue. But to thrive in the field of psychology, one must be passionate about helping people better understand the human psyche and in turn understand their own psyche better. Dr. Michael Civin is a doctor that has always taken great pleasure in being able to help people. While working at his psychology practice, he is able to see all kinds of patients with a wide variety of issues that psychology can help with. Dr. Michael Civin has worked as a clinical psychologist for over twenty eight years. In order to work as a clinical psychologist, he must be capable of many different tasks as well as have a plethora of training. He currently specializes in clinical psychology in the New York Bronx area. His practice is located at 696 East 187th Street, 205-208, Bronx, NY.